A Perth-based, happy product designer and leader who loves helping organisations make products that solve complex user and business problems.

Currently open to exciting opportunities.


How might we completely automate product activation and upgrade?


Tribe Tech

How might we increase presence, establish trust and demonstrate expertise within our industry?


Advanced Human Imaging

How might we change the future of how society measures, monitors and understands their health?


What I've been up to

Over the last 10 years, I've been a Product Designer evolving and developing methods to understand why people do the things they do and ways to deliver captivating and seamless experiences to them.

I'm humbled to have been able to help millions of people with some of the most important aspects of their life - health and education.

Now, I'm changing the future of how society measures and monitors their health through their smartphones.

Comments from people I've bribed
Stacey Wang
Product Designer @ HealthEngine

When I joined Healthengine, Leo was introduced to me as the Chief Happiness Officer, which is 100% true, he is an absolute joy to work with. Leo is the rare kind of designer that combines the talents of an exceptional end-to-end product designer and the strategic thinking of a product manager and can always bring a team together to collaborate effectively. When he was promoted to a design manager, he was a natural leader empowering the design team to do their best job even during the challenging Covid times. I have learnt a lot from working with him and any team would be lucky to have him.

Alvin Balemesa
Product Designer @ Canva

It’s scientifically impossible not to get along with Leo. He's also shown himself not to shy away from new challenges and opportunities - shifting from graphic designer to UX designer and Design Manager in a short amount of time. This means Leo's equipped with just about every skillset needed for design. He has also been generous to share and mentor other designers at HealthEngine with his learnings.

Some shots

Fitness App
Telehealth app - video call & booking experience
HealthEngine - Performance marketing dashboard
Yabble Iconography
HealthEngine - Performance Dashboard UI
Adobe Illustrator - Car reproduction